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Flags say things when they are waved. They say:

Welcome” to a visitor

We’re for you” to a football team

We love you” to a celebrity

This is our identity” to a watching crowd

Praise and honour” to our God

Watch out - here come the soldiers of God

to the powers of darkness

During  worship, they can say a lot of similar things but mostly, they say what you want to express to and before, your God. There are no specific rules about the use of flags. It is well to work out for yourself a kind of language but the real key is always to keep the flag moving.

The movement of the flag should follow the  rhythm of the music, echo the sentiments of the song but most importantly, always follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes the words of the song do not speak to me immediately and I might start a song with two colours then find I need to change or even put one flag down. Not all songs require two flags, some are better expressed with one - or even three!

Note the mood and tempo of the music;

An up tempo beat calls for similarly vigorous movement

A slow, contemplative song needs smooth, gentle movements that  echo the mood.

On occasion, with a slow song I waft the flag horizontally, so slowly it barely keeps afloat, thus representing the presence of the Holy Spirit in the meeting place. In the early days, I found this quite a challenge but then I found the Spirit was keeping me steady and now I can ‘pirouette’ for minutes at a time without getting dizzy!

There have been times when the use of flags has resulted in a very tangible feeling of the presence of the Spirit to the joy and enrichment of all! Hallelujah!

During this you will notice a few moves:

At the start: I dedicate the flags to the Lord. In this case by bowing before the alter

Here I am: sweep flags across my front, crossing my arms

Here I am, knowing I’m a sinful man: turns away in shame

Covered by the blood of the Lamb: flag goes over the head, representing being covered by God

Since You laid down your life, The greatest sacrifice: drops flags from a height straight down to the floor

Majesty, Majesty: synchronous waves overhead, representing a glorifying of God

Sanctified by glory and fire: flag goes over the head, representing the sanctification

At the end of the music: flags come to rest in a downward flow and I adopt a position of reverence and humility

I generally select a colour or colours that are appropriate to the words of sentiment of the song

Thus if singing about

God’s Majesty, purple

The blood of the Lamb, red

The Holy Spirit, white

In this case I chose gold and silver to represent God’s majesty and Christ’s glory

See the chart on the page “Language of Colours”