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I started using flags during worship as long ago as 1997.

From the first time I became a Christian in 1980, I felt there was something special I wanted to do when  I was worshipping our Lord and Creator. Something that would bless and praise Him and give him pleasure.


Our Heavenly Father is so special and I wanted to rejoice in His favour and grace, to express my humble delight in being permitted to come before Him to worship but the old tradition of hymn singing and being quiet and retrained in church just did not allow me that expression of joy I yearned for.

This sent me on a search around many churches and conferences until I finally found the very thing God was calling me to - a mixture flags and dance. I say dance but really it’s the flags that do the dancing! In the use of flags I found an expression of joy and thanksgiving that is unparalleled.

I have no background in dance, drama or music and was only introduced to the use of flags at a prophetic worship seminar in 1997. The man who introduce me to it was one called David Fox from Florida! But he inspired me to get started and with my dear friend, Maureen Cowdroy, we made a rather amateur start at flag worship at our little community church but it was not well received because we never asked permission to do it!

But God is so good. He knows what we need and when that meld with what he wants us to do, the solutions come raining forth like spring showers. Hallelujah!


Consequently, late in 1999, I answered God’s call to move from my home in Essex (UK) to join a Pentecostal fellowship in Sunderland Tyne & Wear, where I was able to give free reign to my delight in worshipping with flags and to encourage others in it. As a result, my delight has now become a calling. How wonderful it is to delight in your calling!

I often felt the sunshine of God’s smiles as I made my flags fly in His church. He granted me the inspiration to develop the craft and blessings in the strength and endurance to perform it.


By  this I have to explain that I am now 87 years old (2018). Yet for a while in my sixties, our amazing God enabled me to dance with agility and energy for the entire time that our brilliant worship team led us in the services. This was always up-tempo, modern worship stuff as they were all young people and in true Pentecostal fashion, could keep a song going for ages! Songs from all the best known worship leaders were used - Matt Redman, Darrell Evans, Martyn Layzell, Delirious?, Hillsong and many others. It was a rich and almost explosive period in my life when that brief couple of hours on Sunday mornings was the pinnacle of my week.

I only tell you this in order to demonstrate that everyone is capable of using flags in worship. It is not confined to people with “appropriate” artistic background but anyone - the old, the young, the disabled - anyone!


If you have reservations and feel that your would be making a spectacle of yourself by doing this, I must tell you that at the start that was exactly how I felt. At first I would stand in my place and timidly wave a small flags back and forth, no higher than my shoulder. Then I stood at the back and did a few things with a slightly bigger flag. Eventually I found routines and movements that expressed some of the songs with big flags and later - much, much later - I was asked by the pastor to move up front to the people could see the flags better. Being naturally shy and retiring, I was troubled about this until a dear fried reminded me that flags are about Spiritual Warfare and that an army isn’t lead from the Back!

I had encouragement from reading the biography of Lindell Cooley which reminded me that this wasn’t about me but about glorifying God - they are God’s flags and it is God’s flags that give encouragement to the people.

I also remembered King David

Here was a man who had a considerably rocky road to the throne that God had promised him. He started life as a shepherd boy and was persecuted and ostracised but was finally the mightiest man in the kingdom and yet he would become that shepherd boy again to frolic and dance, to rejoice in the God that he worshipped.


2 Samuel 6:22 ‘I would be even more undignified than this for the Lord my God’

I was lead by God to create this website so that others might be introduced

to the freedom of this wonderful form of worship.

I hope it helps - I pray in encourages.

May God bless your efforts if you give it a try.