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If like me you feel God is leading you to a ministry of flags, never forget that along with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, He also gave you a brain and common sense!  Using flags in church poses some practical issues which you should always keep on board.

Flags are weapons of spiritual warfare but they are also hazardous implements being waved around with abandon. Keep safety as your byword and remember it is your responsibility to avoid other people - not theirs to avoid you!

Therefore, if you want to use them with abandon, always ensure you have enough space to do so. There is nothing more calculated to destroy an atmosphere of reverent worship than to have somebody hit you in the face or on the head with their flag! It won’t do much for unity in the fellowship either - so please be careful.

Children are a special concern as in many churches they are allowed to roam freely around the meeting room during worship. Always keep a sharp look out for a wandering youngster - and adults! - And adjust your activities accordingly

Children love to use flags so it is important to have small flags available or they will create havoc with big ones! Someone should be allocated to supervise if there are more than one or two, and they need to have a space of their own where they can use their flags without harming themselves or anyone/thing else.

Never think that because they are children they cannot understand worship with flags - you’d be amazed at the Spiritual Power of a child with a flag in his/her hand. So always encourage the children.

If your church uses overheads or a projector instead of hymn books, be careful you don’t obscure people’s view of the screen by holding your flag aloft.

Most importantly, if you feel lead to worship with flags, before you begin, always discuss it with your minister or pastor beforehand. The basis of Christian life is always to respect and be guided by the church elders. Thus obedience is very important for a proper commitment of a flag ministry.

Finally, be prepares for some pretty amazing results if you use a flag in the power of the Spirit - God has drawn routines and ‘performances’ (for want of a better word) out of me I never thought possible!

It’s an exhilarating experience. I pray it happens for you